Monday, March 1, 2010

Cds for sale

Cds for sale! They are nine bucks + 2 bucks for shipping. I'll post a picture soon for all you visually oriented people. It takes me about a week or so to ship them out. CDS ARE SOLD OUT RIGHT NOW DONT ORDER I'LL HAVE THEM STOKED UP IN A COUPLE WEEKS


  1. Excellent CD! I hope you don't mind if I use the track "Bereavement" on my radio show focusing on women in the extreme music underground--I think Addaura deserves the props!

    Goddess I love living in this area. HAIL CASCADIA!

  2. Hi guys, what about the cd, is it available? I,'m from Italy, i've find you searching more about Cascadian BM and just like Wolves... i think you're realy great. Very very interesting what is happening on your place. I'm from Como and we have some interesting band related at our places, mountain and forest, Homselvareg are realy ok, try to heard them if you can, La Caccia is realy a great black metal song. I've see the blog is not updated for quite some time, I hope you see this message, I would be very happy to have your work. Sorry for my english